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Glyptothek Munich Mediaguide

3.04 usd

The Glyptothek is one of the most important antiquities museums in the world. The finest examples of Greek and Roman statuary art are presented here in a setting that could hardly be more appropriate: the architecture of the vaulted museum halls, with their unadorned brick walls, is inspired by the design of Roman baths. The antique sculptures stand freely in the rooms, and large floor-to-ceiling windows open onto the building’s inner courtyard, providing natural light. The marble sculptures can therefore be experienced in an atmosphere resembling that of their original locations in temples or marketplaces in the cities of antiquity.This Mediaguide offers you three different guided tours to experience one of the most important collections of Greek and Roman art in the world. The App contains detailed informations and exciting stories about most of the exhibits as text, audio, video or picture. Of course you can also use the guide at home and take a virtual tour through the museum.
We look forward to your visit.
Note:This app is also compatible with tablets. In case of unexpected app behaviour, please deactivate "Don´t keep activities" in "Developer options" in the system settings of your device.